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Home Safety Grant

This grant is available to homeowners to carry out urgent repairs where there is a serious risk of harm to the occupiers. For example, if your home suffers from:

  • Serious electrical faults
  • Structural collapse
  • Inadequate heating

These grants are only available in cases where the offer of a Decent Homes Loan is inappropriate, due to lack of available equity or where timescales are an issue.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Home Safety Grant:

  • An applicant must have an owner’s interest in the property
  • Category 1 hazards must be present. Category 1 hazards are those that present a severe threat to health or safety


  • The grant must be repaid if you move home within five years
  • A local land charge is secured against the against the property

How does the application process work?

A Technical Officer will carry out a survey of your home to assess the need for repairs. Following this:

  • Specifications and estimates will be produced to accompany your application
  • A caseworker will support you throughout this process
  • If your grant is agreed, one of our staff will supervise the work on your behalf from start to finish

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