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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a grant to upgrade my heating controls?

If the energy efficiency of your property does not reach our target level after the insulation of loft and cavity wall insulation, we may be able to help you with a loan to replace your boiler and provide more efficient heating controls (subject to a means test).

Why do I have to repay the grant/loan when I move?

Cheshire West & Chester Council has a limited amount of money available to help homeowners. By requiring the grant/loan to be re-paid, the money can be re-used to help others. Ultimately, responsibility for maintaining a property rests with the owner, not the Council.

My boiler is 20 years old - can you help?

The Decent Homes Standard defines a boiler as being ‘old’ when it is over 15 years old. However, to fail the standard, it must also be in ‘poor condition’. This means that it must require a major repair or replacement. If it fails the standard, we may be able to help with a grant or loan (subject to eligibility).

We may also be able to help, even if your boiler is working well, if it is very inefficient. We will carry out an energy efficiency survey of your property and, if the result shows that your property will not reach our target level (after the installation of loft and cavity wall insulation), we may be able to help you with a grant or loan (subject to a means test).

I don’t feel confident dealing with builders, can you help?

As part of our service you will be allocated a caseworker, who will assist you throughout the process from completing initial forms to dealing with builders. We will also ensure that the completed work is inspected at completion and that you are completely satisfied before the job is signed off as complete.

Is it true that grants are available for adaptations?

That is correct. The Home Assistance Hub can assist you in applying to Cheshire West & Chester Council for a Disabled Facilities Grant, which will help you obtain the adaptations you may need to live safely and independently within your home. Disabled Facilities Grants are means tested and require a referral from an Occupational Therapist; we will help negotiate your way through this.

How much does it cost?

Some services are free to the customer (for example, Minor Adaptations that are referred from an Occupational Therapist); handyperson services are £26.50/ hour plus the cost of materials; small-scale gas and electrical work is £40/ hour plus the cost of any materials.

For larger works, paid through grants, loans or private finance, our fee varies between 9-10% plus VAT depending on the works required and the route the customer comes through.

All costs are explained to the customer prior to any work being undertaken.

How long does work take?

It depends on the service you require. Although we are not an emergency service and do not operate out of normal office working hours, we will do the jobs you require as quickly as we are able.

For keysafes and Minor Adaptations we will generally complete the work within three working days; for handyperson work we will generally complete the work between one and twenty working days, depending on what work is required.

For grants, loans and private major work the timescales vary. This will be discussed with you at an early stage in the process. Again, this depends on what is required.

Is there any funding available to help me?

We facilitate Grants and Loans which are available from Cheshire West & Chester Council to provide essential repairs and adaptations for residents who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable. Eligibility criteria apply.

Do I qualify to access Home Assistance Hub services?

You may qualify if you live in the Cheshire West & Chester region, are elderly, vulnerable or disabled.