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Decent Homes Loan

If you are finding it difficult to carry out essential improvement works to your home due to the cost, or are struggling to fund repairs or adaptations, the Home Assistance Hub may be able to assist.

A Decent Homes loan is a low-cost, means-tested loan for homeowners who most need it and is based on the equity available within your property. This means that the Council will own a proportional share in the value of your property in exchange for the money it loans to you.

These loans are provided to ensure that properties in need of repair are improved so that they meet the Decent Homes Standard.

Who can apply for a Decent Homes loan?

Decent Homes loans are designed for people on low incomes who meet certain conditions. If you fall into any of the categories listed below you may be eligible:

Owners of empty properties
Private landlords

What type of work can be carried out?

A survey of your home will tell you what works can be carried out. The items listed below are typical of the kind of works that you can obtain assistance with:

Renewal of  electrical wiring
Replacement of a kitchen or bathroom
Roof repair or replacement
Replacement heating systems
Replacement doors & windows
How much money can I borrow?

The maximum loan that you can apply for is £40,000 including VAT; the minimum loan is £1,000. Our Technical Officers will calculate the reasonable cost for the works identified.

How does it work?

The loan remains an interest free charge on your property which means no regular monthly payments are required. The council recovers its money only when the property is sold or is passed to another person.

How does the application process work?

An assessment of your financial needs will first be carried out to see if you qualify for assistance. Following this:

A Technical Officer will carry out a survey of your home
Specifications and estimates will be produced to accompany your application
A test of resources will be carried out
A caseworker will support you throughout this process
If your loan is agreed, one of our staff will supervise the work on your behalf from start to finish

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